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The Firm

Gayle D. Patton Solicitor was established in May 2009 by its principal Gayle Patton. Gayle saw a niche in the market for good value legal services and decided to start her own practice to offer her unique approach to law on her own terms. Since then, Gayle has successfully built a solid client base and has a reputation for providing an excellent service, practicing mainly in the areas of residential property, family law and wills and probate. Since opening her office in Howth in March 2o15, Gayle has seen significant growth, offering the only legal services in the village, but seeing her client base expand the length and breadth of the country, and even overseas.

The firm has prospered because Gayle is not afraid to be alternative, to change things. She delivers cost effective but efficient legal services in a down to earth but very professional way. Gayle will always be your direct point of contact and will personally handle your legal affairs.

Why choose Gayle D. Patton Solicitor

We place you, the client, first. Every time we leave a meeting or hang up the phone from a client we ask how we could have done it better. We are constantly evolving and changing with our clients’ needs. We prioritise our clients. We collaborate with our clients. We are a team and you, our clients, are the most important members of our team.

You are the client. You choose us and we will let you choose what legal services you want and need and how you want them delivered. You talk to us and we listen. We do not talk down to you or at you. We listen and advise. Then we listen again. We don’t provide a service to you, we provide a service with you.

We value all of our clients equally, regardless of the stature of the case or the fee being paid.

We give more than is expected.

We don’t provide a service to you,
we provide a service with you