Family Law

Family Law

We recognise that any family law matter is extremely sensitive and difficult for our clients. We aim to resolve issues amicably, using the court system only where is it unavoidable.

Gayle Patton has almost twenty years of experience in guiding clients through all aspects of family law including separation, divorce, cohabitation, maintenance and particularly the rights of children. She advises clients daily on matters relating to access, custody and guardianship and has represented clients in the District Court, Circuit Court and High Court. Gayle also has experience of child abduction cases.

We recognise that for you the breakdown of your relationship or family is a deeply personal issue and you will need to be guided through the legal process, but will also require emotional support, someone to listen to you and to understand you and maybe even a shoulder to cry on. We are there for you for whatever you need, every step of the way.

Gayle knows that family law is about much more than law and recognises this and supports her clients accordingly. Gayle is fully trained in Collaborative Practice, a better way to separate or divorce.  See or for more information.

We have a discreet off street office in Howth and and offer a once off initial consultation (which includes a follow up letter of advices) for €300 plus VAT at 23%.

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