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Using technology to provide cheaper legal services to those in need.

Interesting article and thoughts of the President of the American Bar Association:


High Court judge gives fashion advice to ladies!

Here’s a fun legal article for a Friday evening. Watch out ladies-wear high heels at your peril……..

What happens your Facebook account when you die?

Did you ever wonder what happens to your Facebook profile after your death? Facebook now allows users to designate a person to manage your account after your death. You have two options: you may  nominate a “legacy contact” or you may choose to delete your profile from Facebook entirely. Previously Facebook froze the accounts of their members on death and a family would not be able to access it. Read this interesting article below. Something more to think about when writing your will!


Companies Act 2014-how does it affect my business?

The new Companies Act 2014 came into effect on the 1st June 2015.  Read our advice here:

Companies Act 2014- are you ready?